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For Drop-inVisitors

Drop-in training

We are welcome to drop-in training. For a drop-in at our dojo, please contact us in advance. We are open to anyone, no matter the affiliation.

HIROO Dojo Drop-in fee

Revised from January 2024.


4,500JPY (with tax)


8,000 JPY (with tax)


11,000JPY (with tax)


20,000JPY (with tax)


28,000JPY (with tax)


40,000JPY (with tax)


Drop-in for CARPE DIEM Members

Members of Carpe Diem BJJ seeking to train at one of our other dojos can do so by paying 2000 JPY per day. There is no need to make a reservation prior to your visit. 

Kimono & Towel Rental

  • Kimono Rental (with towel)
    1,000JPY (with tax)
  • Towel Rental 100JPY (with tax)


HIroo Dojo Schedule 

At Carpe Diem Hiroo. We offer a wide range of classes to suit the level and lifestyle of our members. Classes are taught on two mats, A and B, with separate classes for each. For more information about our classes, please see below.

Qiz Hiroo 2nd Floor, 5-1-11 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan #106-0047

TEL: 03-6721-93023
Minute walk from Hiroo station, Exit 4, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

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CDBJJ Etiquet

CDBJJ Etiquet